Notes from GTT Northern  Ontario  meeting all about CELA Library Services  (reading newspapers, search preferences, and more) 

Below find the notes for the last Northern Ontario GTT meeting. Thanks to Gerry chevalier for leading such an informative discussion. 


Northern Ontario GTT Meeting

February 18, 2016


Introductions were made with 10 people on the call. 

Guest Speaker:  Gerry Chevalier, Edmonton


Congratulations to Dorothy on her award from the Ontario Library Association for advocating for equitable library services for people with print disabilities for close to 20 years.


Gerry is our guest for this meeting and will be going into more detail about CELA services and audible books.  

Digital Audio Library Tutorial given by Gerry can be found on the CELA website:

You can find this tutorial by going to the Advanced Search and searching by author.



CELA Library

There was discussion about current CNIB Library patrons transferring over to CELA by the end of December 2016.  The information on the CELA website is laid out the same as on the CNIB Library’s portal.  The CELA customer number is the same as that for CNIB library service.  

What will happen to CNIB library clients in provinces or territories where library service is no longer being supported by CELA?  

Shane (who lives in Newfoundland) called CNIB library and was told that so far no part of Newfoundland is part of CELA yet.  Shane is happy to be the contact person for Newfoundland to find out more about CELA services and what might be happening.  


Direct to Player

Gerry explained that Direct to Player refers to a download DAISY audio book format available from CELA which will download from your holds list on the CELA computer direct to your book player device. To get a book on the CELA Direct to Player holds list you may use a computer or have CELA automatically put books on your holds list at regular intervals. Your book player device must be capable of supporting the Direct to Player download method. Such devices include Victor Reader Stream and Stratus from HumanWare and the Plextalk Lineo Pocket and PTX1. Also, there is a free iPhone app called Direct to Player which can be installed from the App Store.


Gerry explained that if your device is not downloading the Direct to Player books then you should check its settings to ensure that the device is configured for Internet access. For example, with the VR Stream, you press the Online button above key 2 to switch to online mode, then press menu key 7 to reach the wireless menu. Then press key 8 (down arrow) to find the option to scan for available networks and press the Confirm (pound) key. Then choose your network from the list of available networks and press Confirm again. You will be asked to enter the network password and an optional nickname for your network. This need only be done once and the Stream will now remember that network and connect to it anytime you press and hold the Online button.


You can call CELA tech support or the manufacturer’s tech support for additional help.



You can’t download newspapers. “Stream” means coming to you in real time like listening to the radio, directly from a website.  The item cannot be saved on a computer like a downloaded item.  


Newspapers on the CELA website are updated daily.

Log in to the CELA library site:  

(For those using JAWS or NVDA) and keystrokes:

Each time a web page loads, it tells you how many headings and how many links it has.  


Windows M for the desktop

Windows R to run dialogue  


InsertT reads the page title  

Insert f7 brings up links on page  

Arrow down to reach the item on the list you are interested in or

Jump to an item by typing its first letter (e.g.  N for newsstand)

Then press Enter  

This opens a web page with a list of 35 newspapers

Again press Insert f7

Arrow down the list of links to find your desired newspaper or pres the first letter to jump to that newspaper e.g. G for Globe and Mail)

Press Enter to open that newspaper’s index of sections.

Index of Sections

Enter to read article chosen

You can find the number of words in the article.

To find the next paragraph, press P

Insert down arrow for continuous read  


Shift P lets you backup and re-read previous paragraphs  


At the bottom of the articles in a section, you will find 3 links: return to the list of newspapers, the index of sections of the current newspaper, or return to the list of articles in the current section.


If ever in doubt where you are with Windows, use insertT to determine the Title.


Newspaper Apps for iPhones:


Canada News

CBC news app  


How would you get another newspaper represented on the CELA website?  Send CELA a request.


Library Search Preferences

On the home page of the CELA library site, go to M for “My Library” and then “Search Preferences”.


Press H to jump to headings.

The Loans link – list of your books on loan

​  – Loan History link shows books you have read

Holds – books you have requested which are on ​  ​hold ​

Reading lists – wish list, sort books by topic  Search preferences – use space bar to check or remove check

• choose language (English or French)

• show the formats you would like to read or not read (Direct to Player or DAISY CD)

• choose types of books (e.g. no children’s or young adult)


Audible book companies:

• – buy each book or $150/year subscription which includes 12 books

• – free

• Project Gutenberg Canada

• Internet Archive

• American Printing House for the Blind

• National Braille Press – cost for downloading books and text download

• gizmo’s freeware – listing of sites to find free downloadable books

 We discussed some of the challenges of downloading books from public libraries using Overdrive.

We also made people aware of the free podcasts and webinars at the Hadley School for the Blind.

The mac and the I devices can also be used to browse and read newspapers, select books for your holds, and change your preferences. If you need help with mac or Iphone Ipad Ipod touch, contact Kim at 


Next Meetings of the N ON Get Together with Technology (GTT) (and others who live where there is no face-to-face group are also welcome):

March 17  Topic:  Useful Apps for people with vision loss

## ​Speakers:  Kim Kilpatrick and Shane Wheeler- apps for Apple products

​Speakers:  Jeff Stark and Hedi Kment – apps for Android devices

April 21  Topic:  Useful Internet sites (specific urls)  for people with vision loss