Resource: iOS Beginners Web Based Tutorial

This is an awesome web site for beginners to learn their iDevice. Not only is the content superb but the navigation via headings allows you to easily and quickly get to the parts you are interested in. Also, the fine tuning to your particular device is exactly what beginners need. It avoids the tedious “if your device is x then do y or if your device is w then do z etc.”

For best results they recommend that you access the web site from your computer while following the lessons with your iDevice.

2 thoughts on “Resource: iOS Beginners Web Based Tutorial

  1. Albert: Thank you. I am “assuming” that this site is “free”. Did you see/hear the news about Freedom Scientific developing a DAISY-format training for “voice-over”? It sound absolutely fabulous, and it had over 10 hours of instruction on it. However, the FS price was $599.00 (USD), which is about $805. (CND). This website probably covers even more than simply “voice-over”. I hope to check it out soon – not that I am a total beginner; but, I like to dig as deep into things to see how they could work better for me. You never know what I might find. Through GTT, and elsewhere, I am constantly picking up something new. Cheers. And, have a great weekend. Jim Hamilton


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