GTT Edmonton Summary Notes: BrailleSense, VR Stream Online Access and HumanWare’s new Explore magnifiers, March 14, 2016

Summary Notes
GTT Edmonton Meeting March 14, 2016

The most recent meeting of the Get Together With Technology (GTT) Edmonton Chapter was held March 14 at 7pm at Ascension Lutheran Church 8405 83 Street in Edmonton.
15 people attended.

March Feature Topics – Braille Sense, Victor Stream, Explore Magnifiers

HIMS Braille Sense U2
Owais Patel, a grade 7 student and member of GTT Edmonton, presented his HIMS Braille Sense note taker. Below are Owais’ presentation notes.
The Braille Sense U2 is an incredible device for Blind and Low Vision people. It doesn’t matter if you’re in School, University or a worker at a job, this device is always helpful. It has a 32 cell Braille Display and is the first Braille Note taker to have a built in LCD display for sighted people to see what the user of this device is doing. Also this is not just a Braille Note taker it is really a Braille Computer. It has a 32 Gigs Internal Flash disk and it has one SD card port and 4 external USB Ports. At the back of the device there is a Ethernet port which you can plug in a cord which should allow you to use the Internet if you don’t have a connection with the Wireless Internet. Also there’s a VGA port which can allow you to connect with a monitor for a bigger screen. It has 80 functions on this device. Every function has tons of functions inside it. There’s a File Manager that allows you access to the internal and external disks on the device. There is a Word Processor which allows you to work with tons of file formats and allows you to write as much as you want. Also you can do many different types of math. Also you can print stuff directly from the Braille Sense U2. It has a document reader which can read you your files.
However, you can use the built in voice for all the things you do and the voice in the Braille Sense can speak in many different languages. However, the Braille Sense can also work with tons of different types of Braille Codes. An email program is also in this device and many media programs. There are 3 types of Web Browsers and 4 Social Networking Sites.
For more information on the Braille Sense U2 visit:
If you have any questions for Owais you may contact him at:

Gerry Presented Victor Stream Online Features. Highlights:
• Podcast feeds can be searched for, subscribed to and episodes can be downloaded automatically or manually
• Bookshare library books can be searched for by title/author/keyword or browsed by category then downloaded all without a computer.
• Over 35,000 radio stations worldwide can be searched by station id or keyword and saved in one or more playlists.
• On line Reference tools Wikipedia and Wiktionary can be searched for articles and word definitions. Articles can be saved and exported to the SD card.
• CELA library Direct to Player books can be downloaded automatically or manually from the user’s holds list on the CELA library computer. To place books on the CELA hold list you can use your computer or contact CELA to create an automatic book selection profile for you.

HumanWare Explore Electronic Hand-Held Magnifiers
Michel Pepin From HumanWare joined Lisa Boone from Aroga to present the 3 models of HumanWare’s new Explore magnifiers. Highlights:
• Explore 3 is pocket size , with built-in stand, 2 x to 16x magnification, autofocus, zoom, contrast and color controls, TV output, rechargeable battery, built-in flashlight.

• Explore 5 has a slightly larger HD 5 inch screen, 2x to 22x magnification, use with folding handle or in desktop mode, stores up to 1000 images, customizable viewing options, TV output, rechargeable battery.
• Explore 7 has HD screen with close-up and distance viewing, 2.3x to 19x magnification, choice of 12 contrast and 3 color settings, can be operated with only 2 thumbs, pop-up stand for desktop use, TV output, rechargeable battery.
• For more information about the Explore models contact Lisa Boone, The Aroga Edmonton assistive technology specialist:.
Toll Free 1-800-561-6222

Next Meeting (Monday April 11at 7pm)
• Our members, Menna and Russel, will present the Apple TV and show how it is accessible with both Voice Over and Siri voice command available on the remote control. Thus, you can find and download programs and have full control over playing them even if you are totally blind.
As always, for help with other technology bring your devices and/or questions to the meeting.
• Send your meeting topic ideas to

Meeting Location and Logistics
• Ascension Lutheran Church 8405 – 83 Street NW, Edmonton.
• We meet in the basement hall. There is elevator access.
• Enter the church from the back door. There is parking at the back and drop off space for taxis, DATS.
• Meetings are every second Monday of the month at 7pm.
• If you have someone helping you your assistant is welcome to remain for the meeting.

GTT Edmonton Team
• Carrie Anton is visually impaired and is the accessibility specialist for Athabasca University.
• Gerry Chevalier is blind. He is retired from HumanWare where he worked as the Product Manager for the Victor Reader line of talking book players.
• Heather MacDonald is a career and employment specialist with extensive experience helping blind and visually impaired people find employment.
• Russell Solowoniuk is blind and works with alternative formats and assistive technology at Grant MacEwan University.
• Lorne Webber is blind and is the accessibility specialist for Norquest College.

GTT Edmonton Overview
• GTT Edmonton is a chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB).
• There are GTT groups in Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Northern Ontario, Pembroke, Sydney, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and more to come.
• There is also a national GTT monthly toll free teleconference.
• GTT Edmonton promotes a self-help learning experience by holding monthly meetings to assist participants with assistive technology.
• Each meeting will present a feature technology topic and general question and answer about any other technology.
• Small groups or one on one assistance is possible at the meetings.
• Participants are encouraged to come to each meeting even if they are not interested in the feature topic because questions on any technology are welcome. The more participants the better able we will be equipped with the talent and experience to help each other.
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