GTT Vancouver Summary Notes, Facebook, May 18, 2016

GTT Vancouver Summary Notes
May 18, 2016

Sponsored by the Canadian Council of the Blind in partnership with Blind Beginnings


Present: 13 Members

Monty Lilburn described social Media and how that relates to Facebook.
Social Media is generally an exchange of information – transmitting and/or receiving.
Users can consume info from a news source or they can transmit/re-post/send social media to a specific person, group, or to everybody.
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Focker, Instagram, YouTube are all social media outlets.

Facebook has been around since 2005 and is now starting to plateau.
Facebook becomes a more powerful tool the more popular it gets.
You join a social network when you sign up with Facebook.
Once you add your contacts as friends you can read what your friends have to say and you can post information that your friends can read.
There are ways to read public posts, or to send public posts where the world can access your offerings

When you register/join Facebook it wil ask for certain personal information.
It is up to you how much information you give them.
Some people give them fake information, like birth dates, cities of residence etc, or they post fake profile or cover photos, or avatars rather than their own pictures.
There are privacy settings where you can choose to keep certain information confidential.

What are some of the benefits of Facebook;
– Support network
– Place to vent some of your frustrations to a network of people who may understand what you are going through.
– A way to find out about events that might be of interest.
– Opportunity to join groups that are a specific interest to you.

How do you access Facebook
– Mobile Facebook page
– Facebook app on your I device

Facebook changes their interface all the time.
If you are using a screen reader go to
This is a mobile page you can access on your computer but it takes away many of the images and graphics.
It brings up a condensed version of the FB Web-site. You have your search bar to look up people, groups, events, etc.
It shows links to your Facebook Inbox to access Facebook Messages.
Some browsers will speak the shortcut key to access some of the links. You can also arrow to the link you want and press enter to select.
Your Newsfeed is where all your Facebook friends will post their updates, photos, events.
It’s like an interactive newspaper.
It shows you the Friends with whom you have been most active.
Clicking on the See more stories Link will get you to the next page of newsfeeds.
It can be hard to get back to the top because Facebook is always updating every time somebody posts something new.
Your Status update is you posting on your own wall and a post could be on somebody elses wall.
Your newsfeed is where you see other people’s stuff.
Your Timeline is where you see what other people have posted or what you have posted on your timeline
Your Profile – your timeline shows up first and then you will see About, friends, photos, likes, activity log, and timeline.
Under likes on your Profile it will list all the businesses/organizations you have Liked.
You can choose who to share your post with.
You can unfollow somebody so that you only see some of their posts.

Using Facebook on your iPhone or iPad;
There are 5 tabs on the bottom of the app, Newsfeed, Requests, Messenger, Notifications, and More
Notifications will show you what action has happened on your timeline.
You can react with more than just a Like on the phone by double tapping with two fingers or swiping up or down with one finger.
The react feature is not available on the mobile Facebook.
Under Status update you can access live recording or start a live broadcast using the iPhone’s camera.

During the June meeting we will discuss the following:
How to optimize your Web Searches.
Which Search engines to use, and how to find things of interest.
What types of things can you search for.
How do you search on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
What are the advantages of browsers like Firefox verses google Chrome, verses Internet Explorer, verses Safari.

Next meeting is on the 3rd Wednesday, June 15