News Release: VIRN Announces Addition of NNELS to Voice Dream Reader App for Android and iOS


VIRN Announces Addition of NNELS to Voice Dream Reader App for Android and iOS

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) is pleased to announce that NNELS, the National Network for Equitable Library Service, is now available as a default content source in Voice Dream Reader.

Voice Dream Reader is an accessible reading app for iOS and Android devices that reads books in digital text or audio formats. Using this app, eligible public library cardholders can download books directly from the NNELS website (
and listen to them immediately.

This addition of NNELS to the Voice Dream App is an initiative by VIRN, whose community includes many regular readers. Public library user and VIRN Board Chair Vic Pereira wanted NNELS to be easy to find on his phone, and brought the idea of adding NNELS to the app to VIRN members who acted on the idea by contacting the Voice Dream developer.

“What we appreciate most about NNELS is that it makes everyone part of mainstream library service,” says Doris Koop, Executive Director of VIRN.

“NNELS means that people with print disabilities – any vision, mobility, or cognitive impairment that prevents them from being able to read a print book – can get books from the library,” says Vic Pereira, “Our personal information is private and protected, as it should be for everyone, and our book requests are taken seriously, as they are by all librarians when they’re asked to purchase specific books for the library’s shelves.”

NNELS is a provincially and territorially funded online public library available at no charge to eligible residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. The service provider for NNELS is the BC Libraries Cooperative, a national co-op providing libraries and related organizations with the services, cost savings, and support they need to do great work in Canadian communities.

How to add NNELS to Voice Dream Reader? Open the app and tap on either the Add link (a plus symbol) or the Settings option (a gear symbol). Then, under Content Sources choose “Add website” and select NNELS from the list of options. If you are not already registered with NNELS, please contact your local public library or visit the website at:

NNELS is available directly to individuals, or with downloading assistance from their local public libraries.

VIRN is a non-profit organization that delivers programs and activities focused on providing the positive experiences and information that help people who are vision impaired lead fully inclusive and productive lives. VIRN offers a number of successful programs focused on peer support, public education, active living, and training. Current projects include a Braille embossing service, consulting services, and a ten-year popular Tech-Ease Drop-In program where people can share what they know about technology, and ongoing recreational activities, training, networking, and mentorship.

For more information visit our website:
Phone: 1-888-851-VIRN (8476) or 204-975-9340


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    1. It doesn’t really. It is completely funded by the Libraries in the Provinces where it operates and runs out of the BC Libraries Cooperative. Check out there web site and call them with your questions.


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