GTT Nanaimo Summary Notes, Aroga Technologies, NuEyes, Prodigi Connect and BrailleNote Touch, June 2, 2016

Canadian Council of the Blind

Get Together with Technology (GTT) Nanaimo Meeting
Summary Notes
June 2, 2016

The meeting took place at the 710 Club from 1:00 until 3:00 PM at 285 Prideaux Street.

Albert opened with welcome followed by roll call. In attendance were Hugh M, Donna H, Albert R, Henk P, Debbie H, Shauna S and John O. John was welcomed as a visitor from the GTT Vancouver group.
Steve Barclay from Aroga Technologies was introduced and made welcome. We then had our usual opening session, providing the opportunity for networking and to bring up questions for the group.

First, we had a brief discussion that resulted in a decision not to have meetings in July and August. The next meeting will be in the usual location on Thursday, September 1, 2016. Albert pointed out that even without meetings over the summer, people can have time to think and let us know about topics for meetings once we resume in September.

With no further items for the general discussion, we moved on to Steve’s NuEyes presentation. Steve explained that NuEyes is the First ever lightweight, wireless, head worn, voice activated device for the visually impaired. NuEyes Easy is a very simple product to use and can be either operated with a wireless controller included with the product or using simple voice commands. The feature list includes:
• Read and write using NuEyes
• Watch TV and Movies
• See the faces of loved ones
• Continue hobbies such as reading music and playing cards
• Regain visual independence
• Variable Magnification from 1x-12x
• Various contrast and color changes
• Voice Activated
• Wireless
• Lightweight Design
• Operates on the Android platform
• 2 Year Warranty

For more information, visit the Aroga website at

Steve also described the features of, and demonstrated the BrailleNote Touch from Humanware. This is the latest Braille Note Taker to come on the market and promises to make a valuable contribution to the independence of blind students, employees and people who need access to a variety of sources of information. This device also runs on the Android platform so offers many Google Play Store apps beyond the traditional Note Taker suite of apps.

And finally, Steve showed us the portable and productivity features of the Humanware Prodigi Connect. This portable video magnification device has many other benefits, like the ability to scan and read documents, scan and enlarge photos and other graphics/hand writing, connect to large monitors and allow the user to access the full suite of Android apps available on the Google Play Store.

To learn more visit the web site, or contact Steve Barclay, COO of Aroga Technologies at:

After Steve’s presentation, the meeting was adjourned so people could check out the various products.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert Ruel, GTT Coordinator, Western Canada