Orbit Reader now available for pre-order

I am excited that the Orbit braille reader is now on the CNIB web store for pre-order.
Go to
You will need to give them a $50 deposit.
The full price will be $499 for a 20 cell braille display that pairs with IOS and android by Bluetooth.
It has and SD card slot which can be loaded with text or BRF books.
It has a very rudimentary braille note taking feature.
There are no cursor routing keys but the braille display feels beautiful and reading using IOs or on the SD card has worked beautifully.
It is light and compact and feels durable.
I tested it once in the winter and saw it again very recently.
We will be talking about it on our next GTT national conference call on Wednesday August 17.
If you pre-order the orbit, you will receive and e-mail when the first shipment comes in in late October asking if you want to pay the balance or want your money returned.
I am so excited that someone has brought the cost of refreshable braille down.
Hopefully this is the start of an avalanche of more affordable braille technology for all.

If anyone has questions, please contact me at
(613) 567-0311
Posted by Kim Kilpatrick