THe new app autour

There is a new app worth checking out for some help with navigation if you are blind.
It is called Autour and is made by Magill University in Montreal.
It is a free app in the app store and you need to use some kind of open ear headphone such as aftershokz to use it.
It speaks in the ear on the side where a business, bus stop, etc is.
If you are walking and a coffee shop is on your left side, that is spoken in your left ear. If an intersection is straight ahead of you, the names of the two streets are spoken in both ears.
It is a really interesting app.
You do have to be holding your phone in your hand for the moment but this is still in development and they mention wearing it in a neck pouch.
The app is not available for Ipad or Ipod touch.
I can see it as being very useful if you are lost as you can point the phone in a direction and it will speak what is ahead of you in that direction.
Take it for a spin and see what you think.
Always be safe when travelling with these GpS apps and know they are not a replacement for good orientation and mobility skills.

Kim Kilpatrick