iOS App Issue: Sendero Seeing Eye Talking GPS

The Seeing Eye GPS iPhone APP:

Using an iPhone 5S a user just tried to load the above app and encountered a problem when loading it. Well, actually, it took several tries to get it to load. Even when he did get it to load, he was kicked out of the app repeatedly.

He contacted the app developer and got the answer and fix that I’ll share with you in case you have the same issue.

“This is a known issue, but it has to do with the Apple Store download, so unfortunately we can’t prevent it. To fix it, you will need to delete the app, power cycle your phone and redownload.”

For further information contact Sendero directly.

Thx, Albert

2 thoughts on “iOS App Issue: Sendero Seeing Eye Talking GPS

  1. How does this app compared to blind square and for which tasks is one better than the other?


    Jim Hamilton

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    1. Jim, I have subscribed to the Sendero Seeing Eye GPS app in the past, and now have let my annual subscription lapse. I tend to use Blind Square GPS for most of my navigation needs, However just recently purchased the Nearby Explorer app recently released for the iPhone. What I did not like about the Sendero product was that it uses a lot of battery power, whereas Blind Square is very efficient in terms of power usage. The sendero Seeing Eye GPS app gives turn by turn instructions, and Blind Square does not. I am hoping that the new Nearby Explorer app will provide the best of both of those products.


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