GTT Victoria: Summary Notes, Voice Dream Reader and 3M Cloud, September 7, 2016

Get together with Technology (GTT)
Victoria Meeting – GVPL Main branch, Meeting Room
Summary Notes
Wednesday September 7, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm by acting chair Corry Stuive

Attendance, 13;
The recording secretary was absent, Corry Stuive agreed to take notes.

The first portion of the meeting was devoted to “catch up” after the summer months. Corry informed the group of the GTT expansion in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the British Columbia expansion plans during the final quarter of 2016 that might include a group on the North Shore, Kamloops and Kelowna.

John suggested setting up a provincial GTT Facebook page.

Some discussion took place about Barrier Free Canada, and well as BFBC.

Members were reminded that the National GTT conference call is open to all individuals….”our participation is encouraged and welcome” Info available on the GTT Blog.

Several personal device specific questions were asked and answered.

In the second portion of the meeting Albert Ruel gave a presentation on the differances between NNELS, CELA and Bookshare. The process of Downloading content was communicated to the group. The VoiceDream app was explained and highly recommended.

Tom Decker followed with a demo and discussion on the 3M cloud app that the Victoria Public Library is now using to store and distribute there audio book collection. Tom informed the group that he will meet with a rep from Victoria Public Library staff next week to review, critique and make recommendations about the app to ensure it’s accessibility. Any and all input welcome prior to that session.

The final 30 minutes of the meeting were open to discussion and information sharing.

Corry asked the group to give some serious consideration pertaining to topic matter for future meetings. “it’s your group, tell us what you want”. A new email address has been set up for communication directly to the Victoria GTT organizers.

Some discussion took place in regards to the BC Transit, Trekker Breeze situation. Consensus is still that the service is not consistent and not inclusive. A working group of both GTT and non GTT members is working on the matter and will present at a future meeting, date TBA.

Linda Bartram had the following announcements.

The Pacific Training Centre for the Blind (PTCB) is now holding training
sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Disability Resource Centre 817a
Fort St. between 10 and 4. Enquiries: 250-580-4910.

The PTCB is also looking for members to join the Society. Annual dues
are $5. Call 250-580-4910.

There will be described VocalEye performances at the Belfry again this
year. The Victoria Society for Blind Arts and Culture has negotiated a
reduced ticket price for VocalEye patrons; $24.68 (regular price $39 – $45)
and a 25% discount for one companion. For more information call Linda at

Linda (250-595-5888) has two free assistive devices (new) available.
Trekker Breeze and a talking caller ID telephone device. Just pay shipping
costs. Note, in between the meeting and the distribution of these notes, both items have been spoken for.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm, Next meeting, Wednesday October 5, 2016

Respectfully submitted,

Corry Stuive,