Next national GTT teleconference on Wednesday October 12 IOS 10 low vision and voiceover features and introducing a new IOS app.

Hello there!
Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Our next national call is tomorrow night October 12.
We have several things to discuss.
First, a young lady has developed an app she feels will be beneficial for our community. She asked to come on the call to discuss this app.
Next, several people have been calling and asking for help with IOS 10 both for voiceover and the low vision features. We will have a discussion and show some of these features.
Also, we have had responses about upcoming topics and want to go through some of the most popular ones and see if anyone knows who might best speak about them.
Here is the call in information.
Date: October 12, 2016.
Time: 7 PM Eastern
Call in info: 1-866-740-1260
Passcode 5670311
If you have questions or concerns email
Or call 1-877-304-0968