VR Stream New Gen Step by Step Instructions for Organizing Playlists

With the Victor Reader Stream it is easy to search for radio stations and add them to the favorites playlist by pressing the bookmark key. However, the favorites playlist can quickly grow to a large number of stations and become rather unwieldly. Let�s say your Favorites playlist had many stations consisting of music, old-time radio, sports, news or other categories. You can easily separate these stations into separate playlists for each category.
Below are step-by-step instructions for doing that. For example, to create a playlist of only the sports stations from your Favorites follow these steps:
list of 14 items
1. Press key 1 multiple times to reach the Stream’s Radio bookshelf.
2. Press key 4 or 6 multiple times to reach the Favorites playlist.
3. Press key 3 followed by the Pound (Confirm) key to export the Favorites playlist to the SD card.
4. Remove the SD card and access it on your computer.
5. You will find a file on the SD card named, Exported Favorites Playlist.xspf.
6. Rename this file to Sports.xspf.
7. Put the SD card back into your Stream.
8. Press the menu key 7 multiple times to reach the Internet Radio menu.
9. Press key 8 until you reach the menu item named, Import Internet Radio playlist from File.
10. Press the Confirm key to import the new sports playlist from the SD. Then press the Cancel key to exit from the Stream menu.
11. Press key 1 to reach the Radio bookshelf and then key 6 multiple times until you find the new Sports playlist.
12. Press Confirm to open the Sports playlist. It will be a duplicate of your Favorites playlist.
13. However, you can now use the 4 or 6 keys to navigate through the stations and press key 3 followed by Confirm key to delete all stations that are not
sports related.
14. Finally, use key 1 then keys 4 or 6 to return to the Favorites playlist, press Confirm to open it, and then use keys 4 or 6 to navigate your original
favorites and use key 3 to delete all the sports stations since they are now in your new Sports playlist.
list end
You can repeat the above steps for each new playlist you wish to extract from your Favorites.