GTT Victoria Summary Notes, Accessible GPS, October 5, 2016

Get together with Technology (GTT) Victoria

Sponsored by

The Canadian Council of the Blind

Summary Notes
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Held in the Community Meeting Room of the GVPL Main branch

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm by chair Albert Ruel

Attendance, 18

Hanna has communicated to Albert that she is no longer able to take meeting minutes, Moving forward we are looking for a new individual to assume this role. Corry agreed to take notes at this meeting.

The first portion of the meeting was devoted exclusively to discussion about the past, present and future of the GTT group in Victoria. Input from participants was encouraged along the lines of What do you like, what don’t you like, topic suggestions, etc. Input was also sought regarding the groups meeting day, time and location. Some suggestions included…..

Advertising, get the word out more
Streamline the amount of GTT material we receive, only interested in Victoria
More information for beginners, get back to the basics.
Access to room used at library is a bit tricky, is it possible to use at side entrance.
Product demo’s were liked, but perhaps go beyond “hi tech” items
More “one on one” mentoring, “one on two” if support people are limited
Participants liked day of week and time.

After a great deal of discussion it was decided that future meeting of the GTT Victoria group will be broken up into two distant halves, the first hour will be devoted exclusively to topic matter for new tech users, and the second hour (after a 15 minute break) will be targeted towards the more advanced user. Participants are welcome to attend ether or both. If additional “one on one” support is required, and the appropriate support personnel is available, participants from the first half might be able to break away to a smaller room for additional help beyond the first hour. This format will be evaluated after a few months to see how the process is working out.

Corry informed the group that GTT Victoria has a new email address. PLEASE direct all GTT related correspondence to

Alex Jurgenson informed the group that he does contract iOS training work at Simply Computing, 102-2000 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria , British Columbia V8R 5G5 , Phone: 250-412-6899

Tom suggested that John Mossen has put together a great resource for iOS10 users titled iOS10 Without the Eye. find out more at

John inquired about Apps available to have Newspapers read to you. Tom will look into it, and perhaps this would be a great topic for a future meeting.

Albert informed the group of a great series of Training videos available via the Hadley Institute for the Blind called iFocus. He has loaded them into a Shared GTT dropbox folder and can make copies available to anyone who is interested. The folder was shared with the Pacific Training Center.

Tom informed the group of a major accessibility flaw with the Facebook App for iOS resulting from a recent Facebook app update and his frustration to communicate with the folks at Facebook.

Bruce informed the group that he was testing a new App on the iPad that will/is helping him communicate more effectively. He is extremely happy with the iPAD and his ability to participate dispite a hearing loss.

Tom informed the group the Braille onscreen keyboard and the connectivity to braille displays in iOS10 is “amazing”. Contact him at

There were a couple of questions about Fusion. Sky Mundell is a Fusion trainer, and he can be reached at

Alex asked the group to brainstorm on “apps that have not been invented yet. His question, what would you like an app to do that is currently not available. Some ideas generated were, Detection of soiled clothes, and identification of stores in malls.

The last 30 minutes of the meeting were devoted to GPS, Albert lead the discussion talking about the different options available like the Trekker Breeze, Google maps, Apple Maps, Seeing Eye GPS app, Blind Square and his new personal favourite Nearby Explorer. Most can be found at ether the Android or Apple app stores. Cost of Nearby Explorer is $123.00 Canadian funds

Alex informed the group that he was making a presentation to BC Transit over the next few days in regards to providing an alternative to the “street identifier” currently being used on the Victoria Public Transit System. The project is called StopsPro. Alex suggested that his new system would call stops, identify buses and could be modified to accommodate a visual display. He let the group hear some audio samplings of a voice used in the testing process. Alex will keep the group informed of his progress.

Corry informed the group that CCB memberships for the 2017 year are now being collected. Cost is ten dollars, Please see Albert or Corry for more information.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm

Next Meeting is Wednesday November 2nd, 2016
1:15 for the “beginners” tech group
2:30 for the Regular GTT meeting with more advanced topic matter