At last, a brand new email support list for GTT.

Many people have asking for an email list for GTT. This list is so that we can support each other and ask questions about tech and all things blind access tech.
Please keep your posts on topic to technology and please keep your answers supportive and respectful.
We will also be putting up the blog posts and other info that goes to this blog.
I know that some people are not getting all of the posts regularly.
To subscribe to the blog, send a blank email to

4 thoughts on “At last, a brand new email support list for GTT.

  1. Perfect Good step to ease things for people with vision challenges/loss – keep it up! wonder If you can also have a Chat Group Blog for GTT members? Ottawa Chapter


  2. Boy, this better be good! I expect only the best from GTT! 🙂 🙂 Will this be monitored at all? And, do “listers” contact you directly if there are problems? Jim


  3. Hi Kim,

    I am pleased to learn of your plan to set up an email thing for those interested. I would like to particip;ate as best I can and look forward to hearing how it goes and how best to participate.

    I come under the elder bracket and have given up on learning how to use the apple products as I find there is too much complication and remembering involved. I use Fusion still and find it easier than Jaws, which was taxed my then memory to the point of overload. Jaws could benefit from a simple tutorial and start program for beginners and seniors.

    Thanks for all you do Kim. I have been on line a couple of times and find the web stuff difficult and most of the cross country wevbimars are largely on the Apple stuff, so largely I don’t.

    Ciao for now, Douglas Crow. 250 384 7076

    Email as above:

    P S I do keep in regular touch with Albert and attend most of the G T T meetings here in Viictoria. Pklease put me on your new email link ass uming that outsiders can not get to us to try their scams and sales pitches.


    1. Douglas, send a blank email to the following address, which will be followed by a message back to you asking that you confirm the subscription action by clicking on a link within the message. That will be followed by another note indicating that you have been successful. This is the email address you will use to subscribe:


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