Shaw Communications has recently released a “Usable by the blind” TV Service called, BlueSky TV

BlueSky TV by Shaw Communications

Here is what I learned about the base technology that Shaw has imported into Canada and are now calling BlueSky TV. It’s originally a ComCast system called X1 and is licensed by Shaw exclusively in Western Canada and Rogers in Eastern Canada for the next 3 years.

I wouldn’t call it completely accessible, however thanks to the Voice Guidance it is, for the most part, usable by blind folks. This is a service designed for and promoted to the sighted TV viewer, so not necessarily built with blind accessibility in mind.

Check out these videos.

How to use X1 Voice Guidance Talking Guide:

How to learn the X1 Remote Control Layout:

How to Program your X1 Remote Control to your TV and Audio Device:
(Sighted assistance may be needed)

Graphical Layout of the X1 Remote Control:
(Not accessible to blind) computer users)

For the ComCast Support Page in the USA:

Thx, Albert Ruel, GTT Coordinator
The Canadian Council of the Blind
Mobile: 250-240-2343

2 thoughts on “Shaw Communications has recently released a “Usable by the blind” TV Service called, BlueSky TV

  1. HI Albert: So, is Rogers rolling this out to consumers anytime soon? I knew that they were planning to have their “talking remote control” available by 2018. And, to which link are your refering when you say “not accessible to blind computer users” .. the prior link, or the following link? Also, do you have any idea when the Apple TV will be made “fully accessible” for blind people? If soon, we could dispensed with all “cable providers”! In the meantime, let’s hope that efforts are underway to make “all” of the functionality of this X1 remote accessible! Thanks much. Jim


    1. Jim, it is not that the links are not accessible, but the subject matter the video pertains to his nearly someone telling you what the buttons are on the remote while pointing them out. It is not done with audio description embedded.


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