CCB Technology Buy, Sell and Trade Email List is up and running

Hi all.  For those of you who have previously enjoyed assistive tech to donate or sell, or if there are things you seek please subscribe to this new group and hopefully you will find the perfect device, or a new home for those items no longer needed.

To register please send an email message to:

Tell all your friends about it as well so we can capture a large number of donors, sellers, buyers and traders.  Not that we want the political type of traders, but we’ll welcome the assistive tech traders and users.

Companies may only advertise special sales and donations of used equipment, not their new offerings.

A full set of rules will be released soon, so stay tuned.  Of course it stands to reason that the CCB will not assume any responsibility for the quality or value of the equipment/software exchanged on this list, and anyone offering or requesting illegal items will be removed.

Now, let’ss start trading!

Thx, Albert


Albert A. Ruel, GTT Coordinator

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Get Together with Technology Program (GTT)

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