GTT/Tech-Ease Regina Summary Notes, Travelling with a Disability, March 24, 2018

Tech-Ease/ Get Together with Technology

Regina Drop-In Meeting

Summary Notes

March 24, 2018


Sponsored by Vision Impaired Resource Network (VIRN),

Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB)

And the

Regina Public Library


Assistive Technology Peer Support by and for people who are blind/low vision


Attendance: 10 in person and 2 on the phone from Saskatoon.


topic: Travel with disability: Plane, Train, Car Airport procedures, reliefe etc:


Toronto subway system audible announcements very effective and functional, Calgry C train same, ETS(Edmonton) LRT accessible without question

Mexico City accessible transit system for subway for the VI community, other aspects of city less accessible


Most city transit systems have stop announcements, Regina recent and primarily functional most of the time, Saskatoon rarely functional currently in process of change.

Other cities have accessible systems in place


Dogs are trained for back seat, or floor in front. Front floor placement not recommended as airbags if deployed can injure the dog fatally.

It is illegal under ADA in the USA to disallow service (guide) dogs into cabs/ubers/lift services


Ticket booking:

WestJet is very accessible both on web base and application.

Does not provide discounted price for attendant for VI passengers

Document to receive this accomidation requires you to be declared basically unable to travel alone. Fear of issues if flying solo due to this documentation.

Disallows self checkin for those who have declared a service animal


Provides discount price for attendant for a Vision impaired passenger upon presentation of CNIB client number.

Disallows self check in if service dog is declared

Web base is not very accessible nor is application

Both airlines provide over the phone service for both medical desk and ticket booking.

Form for service dog, on both airlines requires all dimensions of dog, width/height/gerth/weight/length name, and breed.

Airport Navigation and special areas:

Upon request  assistance to security can be provided

Security may pull you aside and do your security check in another section of checkpoint for benefit of you.

Assistance from check point to your gate (via cart) in larger airports

Will assist you through customs

Do research before departing to find out the relieving areas at each airport you will be going to. Some may have internal relieving areas, some require you going outside the secure area. Vancouver for example has internal near International terminal.

There is an app  for iOS and android. That is free. Called working like dogs. Where to Go.

gives the general directions of use their indoor relief areas for United states airports . or directions to the nearest area outside the terminal.

Denver has a Special Needs room, for handlers and dog to relax in,  or disabled folks or seniors while not having to worry about flight or gate changes.


To catch  the Greyhound bus you are now travelling to Regina airport. And there is a tiny counter near the car rental counters. For grey hound bus service.

For  in the province travelling between cities.  In Sask. Right now it’s a 15 passenger van service called  rider  express..

if you tell the driver  or receptionist when you buy your ticket. that you have a disability .  you have the ability to get on  board first.  Service dogs ride free and are welcome. As stated on rider express website.

Also if you’re  vision impaired. And travelling with  a human companion.  Ask about the two-for-one discount on ticket.

Their physical office is located downtown Regina. 1517 11th Ave..  in other major cities there drop off places / pick up locations . are typically Tim Hortons  parking lots.  Saskatoon also has a 2nd pick up drop off location at Subway on  8 th Avenue. As well  The Tim Hortons on 22nd St w.

Please check  for more details.

Riders Express Transportation » Transportation to Estevan …

PLEASE NOTE: Our new office location is Unit #36, 1736 Quebec Ave, Saskatoon, SK. This location is the only location to pickup and drop off in Saskatoon effective April 11.



In the works with a different disability organization. Within the province ,. they are working on a wheelchair accessible transportation service. So hopefully that will not be restricted to just  a van . Maybe something bigger.


General discussion on airport and travel experiences

Brit mentioned that  purchasing a “burner” or prepay phone in country you are visiting is beneficial and sometimes much cheeper than using home countries phone


Discussion of next month topics.. thoughts were online banking / accessible banks. and shopping online on Amazon



Saskatoon/YXE Tech-Ease termination for summer. Attendence will be welcome via phone or Facetime

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