CCB Tech Articles: Donna’s Low Tech Tips, Pouring Liquids, June 25, 2018

June 25

Pouring liquids


Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.

Today, I’d like to talk about pouring liquids.


When pouring cold liquids use your index finger to position the spout over and in contact with the edge of the glass.  Slowly pour the liquid into the glass using your index finger to gauge the liquid level.  Listen to the change in sound as you pour the liquid.  Also, become familiar with the weight of the empty glass and notice the change as the glass is filled with liquid.


Frosted or coloured drinking glasses are much easier to see.


When pouring hot liquids put your finger slightly over the edge of the cup and stop pouring as soon as you feel the warmth of the liquid.  Be sure your finger is                         placed away from the direct flow                   of liquid.


When pouring hot liquids you may find it easier to place the cup in the sink or on a tray.


A liquid level indicator is another alternative when pouring hot liquids.  It is a simple battery operated device with two prongs that hang over the inside edge of the cup and bleeps when the liquid touches the prongs.                                      (Liquid level indicators are                             available from CNIB as well as at other places).


Measure water before boiling.  A measuring cup with a spout makes it easier to pour both hot  and cold liquids into other containers.  For example, fill your teapot with cold water and pour it into your kettle, so that you boil exactly the right amount.


People who are visually impaired should take advantage of color contrasts!  Pour dark liquids into light-colored containers and light liquids into dark-colored containers.


To find the proper place to open a milk carton, locate the seam which runs along one corner edge of the carton from top to bottom.  Always open the carton on the side opposite to the seam.


I hope that these tips are helpful to you.


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