CCB Tech Articles: Donna’s Low Tech Tips, Talking MP3 Player, July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

Meet the talking MP3 player

Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.

Today, I’d like to talk about the talking MP3 player.


Meet the talking MP3 player


I have not yet met this nifty little gadget but I could not help but post this article.  I hope that some day soon I can go out there and meet it.  So, enjoy!




Tiny Tunes: What It Is Really All About


By Kelsey, on Mm-friends.



I’m writing this as a review of the new Tiny Tunes KD1000 Talking

MP3 Player.  As some people are saying that it is great, some

people are saying that it is awful, I thought it would be good

for someone who actually has this player and is not biost on

either side of the marketing trade to review this pocket sized,

lighter shaped device.  Below is a complete guide and report of

the mini machine.


Description and General Functions

Tiny Tunes is a very small MP3 player from Future Aids, a

company based in America.  It has a 1 inch screen with 3 bars

underneath the screen, a headphone and usb port on the bottom of

the device and a locking switch on the top.  The bars are the

controls for the player and can be pressed from either the left

or the right side, performing different actions depending on

which side you press.  The top bar when pressed on the left is

play, and the right is mode (select).  The second bar is the

volume bar: You press right to increase the volume and press left

to decrease it.  The third and final bar work the same as arrow

keys on a computer.  The switch on the top disables the keys from

accidental use when you’re on the move.  The device has 70 hours

battery life and takes 2 hours to charge from a computer.  It can

only be used with a pair of earphones/headphones plugged into the

jack on the bottom.

Below is a chart of some vital features of the player:


Memory: 4 GB

Size: About the size of a lighter

Screen: 1 inch

Controls: 3 (can be pressed from either side)

Battery life: 70 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Speech: Yes

Ebook reader: Yes

Internet access: No

Music listening: Yes

Radio: Yes

Recording: Yes

Memory stick or memory card support: No

Video support: No


Turning on/off the player and the main menu

To turn on Tiny Tunes, hold down the play button for 2 to 3

seconds.  It will take a few more seconds for the player to load

before the speech announces the first item on the main menu which

is music.  To turn off the player at any time, hold down the play

button for 5 seconds.  Visually on the screen, when you perform

this action, the machine reads `goodbye` although this message is

not spoken aloud.  On the main menu the following options are



Continue listening.




Text files.

Notes and Record.

You can select any of these items with the mode button which can

also be pressed from any place in the Tiny Tunes menu or app

system to return you to either the previous menu or the main




The music app can play from a few different options.  These are

type of music, album, artist and all songs.  You can put music on

the machine by placing files or folders into the route of the

player when it is connected to a computer and the device will get

the info from the tags.  It only plays MP3 or WMA files.  Use the

arrow bar to move through your tracks.  The track names are

spoken aloud to you.  When you find one you want to hear, press

mode and then press play to hear it.  You can hold down the play

button for a second to find out the track name and album while

listening to a song.



MP3 player is a misleading name to say the least…  but that

is in a good way.  Tiny Tunes is much more than an MP3 player.

Well, as I’m describing here, it also includes an FM

radio–builtin.  of course.  When you select the radio app from

the main menu, you are placed back into the station you were

listening to last time.  You can use the arrow bar to move

through the stations available to you.  You can record FM radio

shows with the recording app (described later) too.  Of course,

the headphones are used to receive the signal for the radio.


Record and Notes

The Tiny Tunes player enables the recording of notes or longer

things using its internal microphone.  Simply select record from

the main menu, hold down play for half a second (then let go) and

speak.  You can pause the recording at any time just by pressing

play and then pressing it again when you’re ready to resume.

When you’ve done, hold down mode and you’ll be placed in the

notes folder where you can review and delete the note you’ve just

recorded or notes that you have recorded before.  Another way to

access the notes area of the device is to select notes from the

main menu and either select micrecord for microphone recordings

or fmrecord for radio recordings.  Then select the file from the

folder and hit mode, then hit play.



The Tiny Tunes player also plays text files.  Just place them

on to the route of the player and it puts them automatically into

the text files section.  Your books will be read aloud in clear,

synthetic speech or the book can be read on the 1 inch display.

The book voice is the same voice that reads the rest of the

content on the Tiny Tunes player such as the menus and music



Browse and Settings

In the main menu, there is an option called settings.  This has

several settings which modify the way the player works.  If you

want to use your player normally and are not some high tech music

developer etc these settings can be left at their defaults.

However, some are useful for people if you want a sleep timer,

auto shut down after so much time of inactivity, screen shut off

time and so on.  It also has speech enable/disable.

The browse function enables you to browse everything on your

player.  Just select browse and you can view books, audio and



Personal Comments

I think the Tiny Tunes KD1000 MP3 player is an extremely

powerful device with many features and a long battery life.  I

believe that however many people have said that it is just like

tossing $75 in the trash, the player is certainly a player that

is worth buying.  It is good for all people whether they do not

use much technology or are computer geeks as it has a simple and

basic interface which is impossible for you to get lost in.


**I wrote this article in the hope that perhaps it may help with

the research and hopeful presentation of the Tiny Tunes player in

the future on Main Menu.  Maybe you could read the article out

with your demonstration or without it to give people more idea

about the player from a person who has first-hand experience with

the device.**


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  1. The one concern which to my knowledge was not addressed regarding the tiny Toons player is this: namely, when reading a book and pausing during playback can a bookmark be placed where one has stopped reading so that when the book is resumed one can begin reading where one left off Sent from my iPhone



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