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Revised on November 27, 2018

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This discussion list is sponsored and hosted by the Canadian Council of the Blind as part of the GTT program. For information about GTT visit our blog, Facebook and twitter feeds, or contact us by e-mail or phone found below in this document.


The list is moderated by volunteers and coordinators of the GTT program, who can be reached at: Additional contact info is found later in this document.  


Please read through this entire thread before posting and dealing on this forum. This area is meant to be helpful in finding blindness related assistive technology you need, and/or donating/selling equipment and software you no longer need.

To subscribe send a blank message with the word subscribe in the Subject Line to the following email address:


To know what you can do in the list send a blank message to this email address:

• Members may only post in search of or offering for sale items and software that are blindness or low vision assistive technology related.

·      Update your thread when something gets sold or is no longer available.

·      Make the title as descriptive as possible so people know what it is they are looking at, “For Sale” or “Available Free” in the Subject Line isn’t good enough.

·      Post item condition (scratches and the like) and any images of the item (if available). Be as descriptive as possible when posting an item for sale or trade, and you can link externally as long as previous rules are met.

·      Please post a price for ALL FS (For Sale) deals. If you aren’t sure how much you want for it, give a range. Please avoid using “make an offer”.

·      When posting an ISO (In Search Of), include a price or price range that you are willing to pay for the item. This allows potential sellers to easily decide if they can sell the item to you.

·      You can only sell/trade something you have in your immediate possession.

·      Be courteous when buying or selling, and use common sense.

·      List the payment methods accepted (IE. Paypal CC or non-CC, Money order, Check). Keep in mind that CCB-Tech-BuySellTrade may have members from other countries, so currency exchange rates may play a factor in the price of an item, and how the item is paid for.

·      If you think someone’s price is unreasonable or you want to make a lower offer, PM or e-mail them. Do not render judgements or low-ball your offers publically.

·      If your post does not conform to these rules, the CCB-Tech-BuySellTrade staff and moderators reserve the right to delete any and all of your listings.

·      If you are a blindness and/or low vision vender, please don’t just start a thread on here advertising it, or advertising your new products, this is not allowed and those posts will be removed. Venders that sell used blindness related or old demo  equipment will be permitted to post those items. 

·      CC Tech Buy, Sell and Trade is not responsible for any transactions: this is not eBay. All sales and transactions are done at buyers and sellers discretion and all risks are assumed by those parties only. When exchanging anything online, be sure to look into the person’s background. Don’t send money and/or equipment to anyone unless you are positive you know who you are talking to.

• We may, at any time, remove an ad if we believe it interferes with the well-being of the CCB Tech Buy, Sell and Trade list or the blind and low vision community.  

·      Our general rule is that you may not list, buy or sell items or services that are illegal to own, buy or sell in your country/province of residence, or that are not bought or sold in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws relating to the item you list, buy or sell

The following activities are prohibited from the CCB Tech Buy Sell and Trade email list:

• Posting an ad that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to a web site.

• Posting multi-level marketing or fundraising schemes.

• Posting an ad in languages other than English and French.

• Posting an ad that contains adult, mature or erotic content. Personals are not allowed.

• Posting an ad that defames anyone or contains “hate speech”.

• Posting blindness or low vision opinions, notices, and discussion topics which should instead be posted on the Get Together with Technology Support list,

• Posting an ad with misleading information.

For questions about the CCB-Tech-BuySellTrade list, contact your Moderators:

Albert Ruel, GTT Coordinator

Work Phone: (613) 567-0311 X. 550

Toll Free: 1-877-304-0968 X 550

Mobile: 250-240-2343


Twitter: @GTTWest

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:

GTTProgram Blog: www.GTTProgram.Blog

Kim Kilpatrick, GTT Coordinator

Work Phone: (613) 567-0311 X. 513

Toll Free: 1-877-304-0968 X 513

Mobile: (613) 552-0533


Twitter: @GTTProgram 


GTTProgram Blog: www.GTTProgram.Blog

volunteer moderator Brian B. at:


The Get Together with Technology (GTT) was started by Kim Kilpatrick and Ellen Goodman in Ottawa in 2011 and has since sprung up in cities across Canada. Sponsored by the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), the GTT hosts monthly meetings focusing on a rage of technology topics. These meetings allow people who are blind or partially sighted to network and stay abreast of the continually changing world of adaptive technology.  


Soon after the GTT groups started meeting, it was evident that other channels of learning and information exchange were needed. Periodic conference calls brought members together across the country while a GTT blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page were developed on the social media side. In response to a growing demand for individual help, some cities also introduced one-on-one peer coaching sessions. 


Over time, members expressed a desire for a BuySellTrade list where they could sell/donate their unnecessary used equipment, or seek previously enjoyed items on offer by others.  To that end, the CCB-Tech-BuySellTrade list was developed and launched in April 2018.


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