CCB Tech Articles, Donna’s Low Tech Tips, scam alert, June 17, 2019

June 17, 2019

Scam Alert


Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my scam alert.


A scam alert

You are being invoiced


This alert is for those who buy and sell products and services on the Internet.

You receive an email telling you that you need to take care of an invoice and if you do not recognize the sender, then please delete.


Or if you are very sure that you do not need to take care of payment for any invoice, then you need to delete this email as quickly as you can.


If you make the mistake to reply then you have just compromised your email and then the trouble starts.  How could this be?  Very simple!


If you reply to this email to let them know that they have the wrong person, they will simply use your email address to start doing research on you.  You would be amazed to know what results the  Internet can yield when it comes to giving out info on you based on your email.


Another path for these so-called hackers and scammers to use would be to now take your email address and to start sending you emails that are loaded with attachments that can potentially cause great damage to your system.


That’s it from me for this week.

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