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Sorry, this tip is a little late.

July 15, 2019

Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my scam alert.


A scam alert

Be ware of the insurance sales person


They could show up at your door or they could call you.  On the phone they may call you by your first or last name and they would have gotten this from any source.  The phone book is usually the primary source of research for these types of scammers be it online or print or even in the comfort of a public library.


Here are some of the promises that they may try to reel you in with.  They promise to give you super rates for fantastic packages.  Anything ranging from house insurance to disability insurance.  Medical insurance to life insurance.


Now comes the crunch!  They can either claim to represent a reputable firm or more disasterous they tell you that they  are an independent agent.


If they say they’re independent; simply ignore and turn away. If they claim to represent a reputable firm, Then check out their credentials before you do anything.


You need to insist on meeting them face to face if they call you on the phone.  Additionally and most important; and at their company’s offices.  If they refuse, simply ignore them and hang up.


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