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October 21, 2019


The 2019 Canadian Federal Election is upon us, so if you plan to vote and haven’t yet checked out what to expect in terms of accessibility, here is Election Canada’s website.


The partial text of the main page follows the link where you will find live links to all you need to know as you head for the Polls.


Accessible voting


We work hard to make voting in the federal election accessible to all Canadians.


If you have a disability or know someone who does, we have many tools and services to make it easier to vote. Explore the options below.


Can’t find what you need? Call us at 1-800-463-6868 or 1-800-361-8935 (TTY).


Elections Canada also welcomes VRS calls. Visit Video Relay Service (VRS) to know more. (external link)


Check the accessibility of your polling place

Tools and services at the polls

Accessible polling stations

Information in other formats


Useful material

  • Voting hours across Canada
  • Canada Elections Act


(Justice Laws website)

  • Maps Corner
  • List of political parties


(main website)

  • About federal elections


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