Windows from the Keyboard Tips, 10 tutorial Podcasts now available for download, July 10, 2020

Beginner Podcast Series on Using Windows from the Keyboard

Hosted by the Get Together with Technology (GTT) Program,

An initiative of the

Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), the voice of the blind in Canada™.


Basic Windows from The Keyboard Podcast Tutorials

by Gerry Chevalier

During the spring of 2020 Gerry presented 10 Zoom webinars on how to use Windows from the Keyboard. If you are blind or experiencing progressive vision loss that makes it difficult to use a mouse, these lessons teach the basics of using Windows without a mouse. The lesson recordings are available on the Canadian Council of the Blind podcast feed. The lessons are not about screen readers. The lessons emphasize Windows keyboard shortcuts and techniques so they will be relevant to both low vision users and screen reader users.

Links to the 10 recorded episodes and show notes are listed below.

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To listen to each of the 10 episodes listed below from your computer or smart device, simply click on the individual session links provided, and PC screen reader users can use their Quick Navigation key B once on the episode site to access the Play/Pause button.  Press the Space Bar to activate it once found.

You can subscribe to the CCB Podcast feed by searching for CCB/Canadian Council of the Blind Podcast on the Victor Reader Stream, or your favorite smart device Pod Catcher.

Happy listening!

Session 1: April 29, 2020

Theme: Intro Session Keyboard, Desktop, Start Menu, Task Bar, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 2: May 6, 2020

Theme: Desktop Shortcuts, Show Notes and Podcast Link.

Bonus Session: May 8, 2020

Theme: Typio Accessible Typing Tutor App, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 3: May 13, 2020

Theme: Task Bar, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 4: May 20, 2020

Theme: Navigating and Selecting Text in Word and Outlook, Show Notes and Podcast Link.

Session 5: May 27, 2020

Theme:  Windows File Explorer, Show Notes and Podcast Link.

Session 6: June 3, 2020

Theme: Windows Recycle Bin and Using External Media, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 7: June 17, 2020

Theme: Internet Browsing, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 8: June 24, 2020

Theme: Microsoft Ribbons, Show Notes and Podcast link.

Session 9: July 1, 2020

Theme:  Microsoft Backstage View and Save As Dialogue

Session 10: July 8, 2020

Theme:  Microsoft Outlook

How to access and download CCB Podcast Episodes:

PC Computer: all the above podcast episodes can be accessed and downloaded from; Here’s how:

  1. Open the episode you wish to download and navigate to the Download Link.
  2. In the Social Sharing section of the page is a Download Link along with the number of downloads to date. First letter navigation from the screen reader’s Links List won’t work to access this Download Link. Down arrow to it and press Enter once found.
  3. In the page that loads you will find another Download Link, and once the links are listed using the screen reader’s Links List first letter navigation will work. Press Enter to activate the function. The podcast will be found in your Downloads folder.
  4. To close the Downloads Page Use Control W, which will take you back to the episode page, and Alt left arrow will take you back to the main CCB Podcast page.

Moving Podcast Episodes to the VR Stream:

  • To move all your above episodes to the VR Stream as MP3 files, first create a folder in the $VROtherBooks titled Windows from the Keyboard Tutorials and move the episodes into it.

What is GTT?

Get Together with Technology (GTT) is an initiative

of the Canadian Council of the Blind. GTT aims to help people who are blind or have low vision improve their independence using technology.  You can learn more about GTT Zoom sessions and other activities  by following the GTT blog. This site also contains much of the information and more from Gerry’s tutorials in written form as weekly blog posts. Look under the category, Windows from the Keyboard Tips.