Windows from the Keyboard Tips, How to Search for Outlook Email Messages, August 19, 2020

Hello. This is Gerry Chevalier from the GTT Edmonton Chapter. This weekly blog provides tips that I find useful as a keyboard user of Windows. The information is for Windows10 and Office 365, although many tips still apply to older versions.  The tips do not require a screen reader unless specifically noted. Thus, the tips apply whether you are a keyboard user or low vision mouse user. Here is this week’s tip.

Outlook – Search for Messages

If you want to find an older message which may be in your Sent items or Deleted items, first move to the folder where you believe the message is. Do this with Control+Y to bring up the tree view of folders and then arrow to the folder or press its first letter, and then press Enter to open the folder. Now, to search in that folder, press Control+E. An edit box opens. Type one or more words you believe are in the message such as an email name, a unique word from the subject line or within the message body. Then press TAB several times and you will be in a list of messages where your search text was found.

That’s it for this tip. Until next Wednesday, happy computing.