CCB-GTT program update and weekly meetings, September 4  to September 10, 2022 via Zoom.

 Welcome back!!!!, We hope and trust that you all had a safe and enjoyable summer. September marks the start of a new CCB GTT year, and that means the return of several programs as well as some new offerings, here are some of the highlights of what’s new!

  • (NEW) CCB-GTT ATLANTIC CANADA TECH CALL, specifically targeted to those folks living in Atlantic Canada, who might otherwise struggle with time zone variances when participating in some of our other offerings. (details TBA)
  • (NEW) CCB-GTT LOW TECH CALL, the forth Wednesday of each month will feature discussion about “low tech” items and solutions. We are looking for your questions, input, and recommendations during this “peer sharing session”.
  • (NEW) A new series hosted by Michael Feir titled CCB – GTT UNSEEN TOUCH SCREEN COURSE will run on the first and third Wednesdays of each month beginning September 7th. (more information listed below)
  • (NEW) CCB-GTT WEEKENDER TECH CALL will start on Saturday September 17th. This once-a-month call will enable those not able to participate in our weekday offerings to become active in the program.

Returning programs include:

  • Weekly open tech chats
  • Mac User’s Group
  • Back To Basics call
  • Rural and Northern Ontario call
  • Android User’s group
  • Braille Display User’s group
  • Small Group Workshops

Remember to follow our blog or watch your inbox for this weekly call list to stay up to date on CCB GTT happenings.

with so much to share, let’s get to it…..

You are invited to the CCB’s GTT Zoom meetings where we focus in on the technology needs and concerns of Canadians who are blind or low vision.  The calls will take place over the accessible Zoom Conference system, which will allow participants to dial in using their landline phones, smart phones, or computers.  You will find the Zoom link and phone numbers below the meeting listings. Please pay special attention to the “(NOTE)” notation after some of the meeting listings. Different zoom platforms are used for different meetings, and some require pre-registration.

(Information on how to Join the various meetings is located towards the end of this document)





Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific:

Host: Kim Kilpatrick

Presenter: Michael Feir

(NOTE) Before attending this first call of our fall season, please read the introduction to Michael’s book.

Description: Facilitated by the Canadian Council of the Blind, the Unseen Touchscreen online course will give the information needed by blind iPhone users to make the most out of these powerful and versatile devices.

The course is based on the second edition of Michael Feir’s free e-book, Personal Power: Getting the Most From iOS as a Totally Blind User. This book can be downloaded in several formats from: Michael Feir’s Blog: April 2022

People who have trouble downloading the book in the format of their choice should email Michael directly at:

With the book serving as the main resource, the author himself will present monthly lectures and lead discussions which teach the skills necessary to use an iPhone. Just as important, these lectures and discussions will explore what blind people can do with their iPhones. By the end of the course, participants will have a good grasp of the choices, economics, and challenges of owning an iPhone.

Topics Covered include:

  • Learn all about Voiceover, the free screen reader built into every iPhone.
  • Get to know your iPhone inside and out. From setting up an iPhone while blind to shopping for accessories to increase your iPhone’s capabilities, the physical aspects of iPhone ownership will be discussed in detail.
  • Understand the economic forces involved in the wider ecosystem of digital goods and services which your iPhone allows you to participate in.
  • Know how to access different elements of the iOS operating system. Learn how storage works, how to reach the dock, notifications centre, etc. Understand what options you have in the Settings area and configure your iPhone to best suit your unique needs.
  • Learn the many ways that the camera in your iPhone combines with other capabilities to enable blind people to independently find and identify objects, read printed material, get sighted help when required, and so much more.
  • use apps and web sites to obtain millions of accessible books and build your own personal library which fits in your hand. Build your collection paying the same prices as sighted people for audio and eBooks.
  • Delve easily into the expanding worlds of internet radio and podcasts using apps on your iPhone to listen and even participate.
  • Tap into all of the services offered by Apple and other companies. From iCloud space to Apple TV Plus and News Plus, you will know how to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Shop online at your own speed and convenience using the web browser and accessible apps on your iPhone, find out about and purchase what you want or need from wherever you happen to be.
  • Get where you need to go with help from apps and technology in your iPhone. From apps specially designed for blind users to apps built for everyone, learn how to find what is out there and get to it.
  • Keep life organized with notes, reminders, and calendar apps on your iPhone. Never lose and idea or forget about appointments.
  • Find and purchase apps from the app store which suit your purposes and style. Learn what to look for:
  • when determining whether apps will be accessible and work for you.
  • Explore the hundreds of accessible games which have entertained blind and sighted players alike. Use your hearing, hand coordination and mental skill to prevail and find enjoyment alone or with others.
  • Get things done with productivity apps including word processors, focus timers, calculators, conferencing software, and many other apps.
  • Tap into the many accessible apps designed to help with mental and physical health. From meditations to fully described workouts to get you moving, there is something that will help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Course Structure:

Every first Wednesday of the month, Michael will give a lecture encompassing material from one or two sections of the e-book. This depends on the length of the section or sections which come next in the order they appear in the e-book. Particularly lengthy sections may be covered over a two-month period.

The course will continue until all suitable sections of the book have been covered. Time will be given after each lecture for questions directly related to the topics covered.

On the third Wednesday of the month, the focus will be on discussion. Priority will first be given to any additional questions about the topics covered in the preceding lecture. However, once these are answered, the floor opens up and all questions regarding using an iPhone are welcome. Do you have a question about using an app or doing something not yet covered in lectures? Bring such questions to these third Wednesday sessions and contribute to our collective exploration. Bring any answers as well and share what you have learned in your own explorations. Michael will share his expertise with the community to encourage everyone to try new things and make the most of their iPhones.

Things to Keep In mind:

This course is being offered free of charge by volunteers. By participating, you agree that neither Michael Feir nor any CCB staff who facilitate this course can be held responsible for what participants do with their iPhones.

Bring lots of patience. It may take a while to reach the point where the lectures are covering topics of particular interest to you. The lectures will be recorded and are designed to help beginners understand what they need to know in order to use their iPhones. Do not feel obligated to attend lectures which are of no interest to you. Especially if you are a more experienced user. Changes are constant in the Apple ecosystem and iOS. As they occur, all effort will be made to incorporate them into the course lectures. If information presented in the e-book differs from what is said in lectures, regard the lectures as being more authoritative going forward.

Be aware that the lectures and discussions will be recorded and made available as a podcast for wider consumption. This will serve to aid people who miss lectures or find out about the course as it proceeds. By participating, you hereby consent to anything you say being included in the distributed recording.

(NOTE) The CCB-GTT Back to Basics call has now been moved to the second Wednesday of the month, see you next week!


Thursday September 8, 2022, 2:30 PM Eastern/11:30 AM Pacific:

Host: Kim Kilpatrick

Topic: Picking topics for upcoming presentations.

Description of group:  If you are using an electronic Braille display, come join us to ask questions, share tips and tricks, and get the most use out of your device.

(NOTE): Registration required. Please e-mail:


Friday September 9, 2022, 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific:

Hosts: David Greene and Shelley Morris

Topic: Sharing our stories

Today we introduce you to Dan Berger.

Dan Barra-Berger is a blind comedian (CBC’s Next Up, Toronto Comedy Brawl, ReelAbilities Film Festival), actor (Apple TV+‘s SEE), storyteller (Speaker Slam), and backpacker based in Toronto. While he doesn’t identify as an “inspirational speaker,” Dan uses storytelling and comedy to share what he’s learned during his many years of living and travelling as a disabled backpacker. Most recently, Dan is featured in AMI’s documentary series, Breaking Character, following six disabled artists as they establish their careers in the arts.


You are invited to register for our next small group workshop:

Getting to know the Amazon app

Our small group workshops are back. We will be hosting one small group workshop series per month. For September, join us to learn more about how to use the Amazon app for IOS. We keep groups small to facilitate the best learning experiences for all.

Workshop dates and times:

Group 1, Monday September 19 and 26 at 2:30 PM Eastern / 11:30 AM Pacific


Group 2, Wednesday September 21 and 28 at 2:30 PM Eastern / 11:30 AM Pacific

Instructor: David Greene.

(NOTE): You must register for this workshop.  To do so, please e-mail


Did you know that CCB-GTT hosts local meetings in several communities across Canada? Some are in person, some are via zoom. (NOTE): These meetings are for local residents only.

CCB-GTT Ottawa and Area group. This was the very first CCB GTT group started in 2012 and has been gathering continuously ever since. To find out more and/or join this group contact Kim Kilpatrick at

CCB-GTT Edmonton and Area group. This is also one of the longest running groups we have. Thanks to the leadership of Gerry Chevalier and his team the group continues it’s once a month offerings. To find out more and/or join contact Gerry chevalier at



You can subscribe to the CCB Podcast feed by searching for CCB/Canadian Council of the Blind Podcast on the Victor Reader Stream, or your favourite smart device Pod Catcher. You can use this link to the originating distribution source.


CCB sponsors a GTT email support list to provide help and support with technology for blind and low vision Canadians. To subscribe to the email list, send an empty email to: You will get an email back from the list asking you to confirm your subscription. Simply reply to that email and you are subscribed. You will then receive a second email welcoming you to the list and describing how to use it. You are then ready to post your technology questions and/or answers to the list.

For more information visit:


This is a Canadian Group for blind, partially sighted and deaf-blind folks to buy, sell, trade or donate previously enjoyed assistive technology.

To subscribe to the email list, send an empty email to:

(The list will serve as a connection venue only, and the CCB will assume no responsibility for the quality of goods or the value of the transaction(s) between two people, or a person and a company.)

Security procedure remains in effect.

 When you enter the waiting room before a meeting, please ensure that you give us a recognizable name. If you are calling for the first time or from a land line, please e-mail the CCB’s Receptionist, (Shelley Morris) ahead of time to let us know your name and number so we will let you in. Shelley’s email is:  If you need help doing these things or learning to use zoom, please contact us and we can help you.

How to Join Meetings:

You can participate by phone or Internet from wherever you are:

All calls listed above, except for the CCB-GTT Android Users Group, can be accessed via the following link:

Meeting ID: 983 959 5688

Password: 320119

Alberta One tap mobile for Smart Phones:


BC One tap mobile for Smart Phones:


Manitoba One tap mobile for Smart Phones:


Montreal One tap mobile for Smart Phones:


Toronto One tap mobile for Smart Phones:


 Direct Dial:

Alberta: +1 587 328 1099

BC: +1 778 907 2071

Manitoba: +1 204 515 1268

Montreal: +1 438 809 7799

Toronto: +1 647 374 4685

Contact us:

For more information, contact:

Kim Kilpatrick, CCB GTT Coordinator

1-877-304-0968 Ext 513

David Greene, CCB GTT Accessibility Trainer

1-877-304-0968 Ext 509

Corry Stuive, CCB National Program Coordinator 

1-877-304-0968 Ext 550

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