Blaze EZ Dec 17 Demo Summary Notes

Blaze EZ Dec 17 Demo Summary Notes:

The National GTT Conference Call Group were very appreciative to have Steve Barclay, COO of Aroga Technologies on December 17, 2014 lead us in the presentation of the “Direct to Player” audio book downloading, Podcast/Internet Radio Streaming, text to speech and OCR capabilities of the portable Blaze EZ DAISY player.

Steve started the presentation with a detailed explanation of the physical layout of the device and the workings of each button and feature. He then demonstrated the easy with which all aspects of the device can be used, as well as the two voices available in the English model.

The initial demonstration was followed by many questions about the cost, it’s availability through the Ontario ADP, and its size, weight and battery life. For further detailed information on the Blaze EZ please call Aroga at 1-800-561-6222, or

The device appears to function as we’ve come to expect of talking book, OCR and text to speech devices, at a size and weight comparable to the other similar portable devices on the current market. I may have noticed that to scroll across the list of books/Podcasts on the Books Shelves one used the up and down arrow buttons, whereas other devices use left and right arrows. As well, the user accesses alphanumeric characters in a way similar to the Apple TV, which is to use the four arrow buttons to locate the desired character and the Enter Key to select it. The camera for the OCR function is a 5Megapixle unit like many other smart phones on the market. The device ships with a Quick-Start Guide in print and Braille, and it has 12 GB of internal storage.

Steve also indicated that it is being put forward to the Ministry for inclusion as an OCR device through the Ontario ADP, however that it’ll likely be 6 months or more before anything is known about those prospects. In the meantime, it might be possible to acquire the Blaze with the $450 credit allowed for talking book devices under the Ontario ADP.

If those of you who attended this meeting have other recollections, thoughts or ideas to convey regarding this device/presentation please do so in the comments section of this blog.

Respectfully submitted:
Albert A. Ruel