Useful guide for those who use Siri on their I devices.

Posted by Kim Kilpatrick


I read this user guide this morning and did not know that you could dictate so much punctuation using siri and the dictate feature on your I device.

Thanks to the person who sent this to me as well.

For voiceover users, you use siri by pressing and holding the home button until you hear a beep.

I actually find it easier to use the dictate function as it lets you dictate at your leisure.

For voiceover users, any time you are in an edit field of any kind, (that could be in a text message, e-mail, note, Facebook or twitter post, ETC) do a two finger double tap and dictation is started.

Speak and when you are done, repeat the two finger double tap anywhere on your screen and dictation stops.

Remember, that the two finger double tap is an extremely useful gesture.

It starts and stops just about anything.


Music, Podcasts, dictation, answers or ends a call etc.

Here is the link to the dictation guide.

This web site also contains a very useful guide all about siri.

Enjoy and happy 2015.

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