Nanaimo GTT Meeting Notes, August 6, 2015

Nanaimo GTT Meeting Notes, August 6, 2015

A small group met at the 710 Club on Prideaux Street the afternoon of Thursday, August 6 for a meaningful discussion on call announcements for BC Transit busses, as well as scanning stands for iDevices running the KNFB Reader app.

The announcement that BC Transit in Victoria will employ the Trekker Breeze Plus to provide call announcements in each of its 280 busses was discussed with most members in favour and one opposed. The program if successful will potentially be rolled out throughout the Province where BC Transit operates the public transit system. Nanaimo is one of those potential locations so this group will monitor closely the Victoria Regional Transit System roll-out.

The iPhone scanning stand discussed was the Fopydo Stand which is a solution sought by three people in attendance. The price for the device is $12 USD plus shipping. More information can be found at

Other topics covered were scheduling and collaboration strategies for the work place versus needs for leisure/social endeavours. Here we discussed the Outlook Calendar and its ability to invite other participants, as well as the iPhone Calendar’s ability to do the same task. OmniFocus was mentioned as a means of organizing the workflow of a task, and for scheduling the completion of each item along the timeline to the over-all task completion.

Because the group was small the meeting broke up early, and the next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 3 which will cover options for independence in the home. Please bring your ideas, strategies and devices you employ for everything from doing laundry to cooking meals, from organizing your cupboards to identifying packages/cans, and from cleaning to shopping. This will include low and high tech solutions. No issue will be too minor for us to consider seriously in this brainstorming session.

Respectfully submitted,

Albert A. Ruel