iPhone Tip: Adding Additional Numbers in a Dialing String to Enter Extensions and Other Numbers

Thoughts from David Goldfield

Many iPhone users often want an easy and convenient way to enter additional numbers after a call goes through. You might need to enter an extension to access a voicemail system or a user pin for a conference line.
Of course, once it’s time to enter the extra numbers you can use the touch-tone keypad on your iPhone’s touch screen to enter the additional numbers. Doing this is quite accessible using VoiceOver but it can be awkward or confusing for some users. Fortunately, if you regularly need to enter these numbers you can enter them as part of your dialing string in the Contacts app or in the Contacts tab in the Phone app.
Here’s how you do it. When you’re entering the phone number in the appropriate field, enter a comma or two after the last digit. To do this, press the shift key, which is below the number…

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