GTT Vancouver Summary Notes, January 20, 2016

Summary Notes, GTT Vancouver

January 20, 2016

Topic of the day was Siri and many of the ways he/she can make your life easier, with 17 in attendance and Matt and Clement conducting the session:

1. Use Siri to search for things like the score in the hockey game, what movies are playing, what time it is, dictionary definitions, weather where you are or anyplace else you can name, etc. Sometimes Siri will give you the answer verbally and sometimes she will tell you to take a look. When she says take a look you have to use your finger to check what is on the screen and double tap on the one you want to see more closely.
2. Creating reminders – Ask Siri to remind you to make a call when you leave this place, or when you get to work or home, provided both places are programmed into your contacts it will remind you when you get there, or when you leave.
3. Creating events – if you want to add something to your calendar you would say something like “Create an event for Jan 21 at 1:30 PM titled, Dentist Appointment with Sally Sue. That will have Siri create the event with a Subject Line and if Sally Sue is in your contacts list she will receive an invitation to the appointment by email. Events in your calendar will need to be checked. Siri will only remind you about an event in your calendar if you have also set default reminders. If you create an event in your calendar you will find a reminder button. If you click on that it will ask you remind me in an hour, a day, a week, etc. You can also ask Siri if you have any appointments on April 7th, or when is my next Dentist appointment?
4. Setting alarms – Wake me up at 6:00 am or turn on my 9:00 alarm, and you can also turn off all alarms by asking Siri to do just that.
5. Calling and Facetiming people – You can say “Call persons name” if they are in your contacts. If they are not in your contacts you can say their phone number. Facetime is free to another person with an Iphone or Ipad. It’s an Internet call that requires an Internet connection
6. Turning on the timer – Say “Set a timer for 10 minutes – Great for cooking. You can also set a timer while you are walking on the treadmill, listening to music or to a book
7. What time is it will have Siri tell you the time, and if you ask for the time in Toronto Canada it will give you that as well. You can also ask what day is it, or what day will April 7th be.
8. What song is playing – If a song is playing in the background it will tell you.
9. Play songs from your favourite artist – If you have an artist on your phone you can ask Siri to play songs by Bon Jovi for example. If you have Apple music it will even play artists that are not yet on your phone.
10. Make reservations if the restaurant that does reservations through Open Table.
11. Ask Siri to open any app on your phone like mail, messages, settings, Blindfold Blindfold Blackjack, etc.
12. Performing calculations – Ask what is 24 times 3 will give you the answer. The answer will be on your screen so you can use your finger to refer to it again.
13. Conversions – You can ask Siri to convert dollars to pounds or metric to inperial. How many cm is 3 feet.
14. Dates – What day of the week is Chinese New Year or or Ash Wednesday this year it will tell you, and if you ask it what day of the week your birthdate was it will show you the results.
15. Use Siri to change settings – Ask it turn on blue tooth, turn on airplane mode, or turn off cellular data.
16. Mapping – Ask how do I get home or how do I get to White Spot. It will start up directions and it will give you the turn by turn directions
17. Texting – To send a text to a person in your contacts you say “Tell Matthew hello”. Siri says “Your message to Matthew says Hello” Do you want me to send it? You say yes, and the text is sent. You can reply to a text with Siri as well. Tip: Hold the home button until you stop speaking so Siri doesn’t cut you off before you are finished your message. If you know the number on your regular bus stop you can text 33333 which will give you the bus schedule for that stop.
18. Movies – Ask Where is Star Wars playing or What time is Star Wars playing at the Landmark cinema.
19. Following sports – What was the result of the last Canucks game, when will they play again or who scored during their last game.

Topic for next time – iCloud on Feb. 10 from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM.