GTT Edmonton: Summary Notes, One-On-One Computer Training, iPhones and Talking Book Machines, November 14, 2016

Summary Notes
GTT Edmonton Meeting November 14, 2016

The most recent meeting of the Get Together with Technology (GTT) Edmonton Chapter was held November 14 at 7pm at Ascension Lutheran Church 8405 83 Street in Edmonton.
12 people attended.

November Feature Topic – One-On-One Instruction
It was requested that meetings devote more time to one-on-one assistance especially with computers, iPhones, and DAISY players.

Computer Instruction
We spent the first half hour discussing how we could do more instruction with computers. Since most people could not bring their computers to the meeting we agreed to rent the computer lab at Norquest College downtown and provide 3 hours of instruction in 3 areas:
• Introduction to JAWS and Zoom text
• Basic web browsing with JAWS and Zoomtext
• Introduction to Microsoft Outlook using JAWS and Zoomtext
This instruction at the lab will take place January 9 2017 starting at 6pm and will be in place of the January GTT meeting. There are a limited number of workstations at the lab and we filled them with the attendees present at the November meeting. If this initial session goes well, we will consider a second computer training session perhaps in March or April. We will discuss that at the February meeting.

Touch Typing Resources
It was emphasized that those wishing to learn about the JAWS screen reader at the January 9 Norquest session must be able to touch type. Two books and one software download were suggested as resources to learn to touch type. The 2 books, both available from CELA are:
• College keyboarding: fourth Canadian edition by Ober, Scot
• Touch typing in ten lessons: a home-study course with complete instructions in the fundamentals of touch typewriting and introducing the basic combinations method by Ben’ary, Ruth
Those 2 books teach typing on a typewriter rather than a computer keyboard but the fundamentals of home row positioning and finger movements are the same. You should also be familiar with the number pad keys which are used extensively with JAWS.
• A demo of a self-voicing software typing tutorial called Talking Typer for Windows is available from American Printing House for the Blind. To learn more and download the free demo visit:
Talking Typer Demo

If you like the demo you may purchase the program for $89 USD.

For the remainder of the meeting we broke into two groups to discuss iPhones and DAISY players

• Discussion about basic accessibility features.
• Some useful apps were discussed.
• Differences between older and newer iPhones were explained.

DAISY Players
The two people in the DAISY player group were both considering purchasing a Victor Reader Stream so a thorough overview of the Stream was presented to them including playing Talking Books, MP3 books, podcasts, music, text files, and recording voice notes. Victor Stream online features were also demonstrated including podcast search and download, Bookshare books search and download, listening to radio, and downloading/listening to CELA Direct to Player books.

Next Meeting (Monday December 12 at 7pm)
• We will be joined by Steve Barclay, Aroga COO, who will provide an exhibit of Aroga’s blind and low vision assistive technology products. This was a very popular exhibit at our last December meeting. We thank Steve for once again offering us a chance to see and learn about a wide variety of technology.
• As always, for help with technology bring your devices and/or questions to the meeting.

Meeting Location and Logistics
• Ascension Lutheran Church 8405 – 83 Street NW, Edmonton.
• We meet in the basement hall. There is elevator access.
• Enter the church from the back door. There is parking at the back and drop off space for taxis, DATS.
• Meetings are every second Monday of the month at 7pm.
• If you have someone helping you your assistant is welcome to remain for the meeting.

GTT Edmonton Team
• Carrie Anton is visually impaired and is the accessibility specialist for Athabasca University.
• Gerry Chevalier is blind. He is retired from HumanWare where he worked as the Product Manager for the Victor Reader line of talking book players.
• Heather MacDonald is a career and employment specialist with extensive experience helping blind and visually impaired people find employment.
• Russell Solowoniuk is blind and works with alternative formats and assistive technology at Grant MacEwan University.
• Lorne Webber is blind and is the accessibility specialist for Norquest College.

GTT Edmonton Overview
• GTT Edmonton is a chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB).
• GTT Edmonton promotes a self-help learning experience by holding monthly meetings to assist participants with assistive technology.
• Each meeting will present a feature technology topic and general question and answer about any other technology.
• Small groups or one on one assistance is possible at the meetings.
• Participants are encouraged to come to each meeting even if they are not interested in the feature topic because questions on any technology are welcome. The more participants the better able we will be equipped with the talent and experience to help each other.
• There are GTT groups in Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Northern Ontario, Pembroke, Halifax, Sydney, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and more to come.
• There is also a national GTT monthly toll free teleconference. You may subscribe to the National GTT blog to get email notices of teleconferences and notes from other GTT chapters. Visit:
There is a form at the bottom of that web page to enter your email.
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