GTT Calgary: All Things GPS, October 17, 2016

Get Together with Technology (GTT) Calgary

The following are the notes from the GTT meeting on October 17, 2016:

Our GTT meeting was held at the CCB office at the CNIB, featuring GPS aps. We had 10 people in attendance with 2 late arrivals.

Since it was a cold day in Calgary, not much time was spent outside testing aps, but there was quite a bit of discussion on the different GPS aps available and their pros and cons. Jesse mentioned an android ap called Get there. A couple of our android users located the ap and did some preliminary testing of the ap.

The other aps covered in general discussion were Arieadney GPS, Nearby Explorer, Nearby Explorer on the web, Navagon, Auteur, and Blind Square.

Cherryl took those who were willing to brave the cold outside for a brief demonstration of Blind Square.

Auteur would not work at the time, but has since been updated and now works as expected.

Thank you for your attention.

Ted Phillips

CCB Calgary Club Secretary