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January 14 2019

Privacy protection


Happy New Year everyone!

Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my tip on privacy protection.


Privacy protection

We are constantly striving to protect ourselves from scams and scammers, but most of all we need to ensure that our privacy, confidentiality, and independence are kept safe from prying eyes and those who thrive on destroying our right to these precious commodities.


Paying at the supermarket or at any type of store


Usually there are three methods of payment and you should probably choose the one that best suits you.

  1. Via cash: Make sure that when you open your wallet that you do not open it up too wide so that prying eyes could see or read what you have in it.


  1. Via credit card: Here is where you need to ensure that when you enter your pin number that you do it yourself.

Chances are that the helpful cashier or sales person would be willing to help but better be safe than sorry.  Make sure to ensure that you cover the screen or the keypad so that no one can see what you are entering.


  1. Using your debit card. This is probably the most risky of the three methods in that you would need to enter more info than in option 2. Not just your pin number, but the type of account that you are withdrawing from.

Chances are that the cashier or sales rep could be counted on to keep your info private but if you are concerned then it is probably best to take a trusted person along with you when you go shopping.

Be sure to destroy all of your receipts when you arrive home so that they do not get into the wrong hands.


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